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Last week @ Havas Worldwide:(

I can’t believe this week is here. These days are here. 3 months have already passed and its time for me to leave. There is so much which has changed in this past 1 week. So many colleagues left office. It was pretty upsetting. Dhaval and Bhasha, someone who I worked a lot with were leaving this firm and starting their journey elsewhere. Working with them is going to be missed. As our ECD had left 3 months back, we finally had a new ECD come in this week. Raymond Patell, our new ECD was here. We had a small introduction with him. I was overwhelmed and glad to know that Raymond Patell had worked with our college head Mr. Ravi Deshpande. Mr. Ravi was his boss for 8 years at Contract Advertising. Rayomond Patell had this one thing which he didn’t not like, which was calling him by his name. He told everyone in the office that he just likes to be called Rayo. Short and sweet. He interacted with me personally about my background and how am I liking Havas. It was a great conversation with him. He seemed like a really sweet guy and very happy go lucky. This week there was immense amount of work to be finished as we had a lot of client deadlines to be met before we left. So we had pretty much late working hours than usual but it all got over in time and very well. Soon it was the day we had to say a goodbye. Rohit and I had prepared a short presentation about our journey at Havas. It was 5 pm we were all settled in the conference room and it began. Everyone had that typical feeling of boredom in the conference thinking ” ohh god now this presentation is gonna have all their work which we have seen and stuff might just be boring”. But as soon as the first slide was flashed of our presentation there expression flipped. We had made these cute cartoon comic caricature sort of things for everyone in the office. I had given each of them a super cute individual look according to their appearance and a quality pertaining to them. Everyone was enjoying each bit of it and could not stop smiling and laughing during the presentation. They were so much into it that they were clicking a picture of each of the slide through which we showed with their personalities. In the end we spoke about what we are taking back and how this 3 months have changed us in a positive way. We have learnt way too much being a part of this company. In the end everyone spoke a few words for us which was very sweet of them. We got amazing feedback through each of them which made our day. I think the biggest achievement was when all of them said just one thing, ” WE WANT UALL BACK ASAP “. Our ECD , Mr. Rayo was also very keen on having us back and gave a wonderful speech about how this industry is growing and young talents can contribute much more than they think. It was a good inspiring end to this wonderful journey. Soon after we clicked a lot of pictures and the mandatory selfies with everyone in the office. Gave them a small thank you in the form of chocolate and candies from our side and a thank you note for such a wonderful journey. I am already so attached with everyone here and also the work culture which is going to be missed way too much. I must say these 3 months have been the best ever and changed my life in an extremely inspiring way. I never knew advertising can be so much fun till I entered Havas. This platform gave me the real advantage of showcasing everything I am and the biggest thing was they never treated us as ” Just interns ” . It was like a family working together.

It was a brilliant stop in the journey of design which I will never forget. Cheers!Snapchat--3179802088604697059 Snapchat--6013049954014802381 Snapchat--6135825778138715812 Snapchat--8326848363100710258 Snapchat-4683193412327442990 Snapchat-8517727224864338136 Snapchat-8719101245332196547



This week had been pretty hectic. A lot of work in too little time. The most number of posts done in a week so far was this week. Worked on various brands like Seacod, Sony six and Jaslok Hospital. Was working on a brochure for Jaslok hopital since quite some time and finally it got printed and was right in front of my eyes. The final print. It made me so proud. Having digital creatives going up does not make you as happy as the creatives which are physically going to be in use with a lot of people. It was a happy time. Jaslok being our apparent major client had been demanding a lot in too little time. Sanofi being one of our clients too, had a lot of things lined up. A lot of brainstorming sessions and meetings were held in this week for Sanofi. The creative team was fed up as the client was just not ready to agree or understand the concepts presented by us. All of us were lined up with with our notes in hand and continuously brainstorming. Hectic week I must say. Also not to forget, the cab strike which hit this week added on to a little bit of stress and frustation. Rains, cab stirke, reaching late to office, everything was just not leading to a pleasing end. “uhg”!! But finally here it was, a friday. Imagined it to be a happy weekend calling until when the disheartening news broke to us. Our head, our biggest mentor Ms. Seneca was leaving office. It came to us as the biggest unexpected shock when she came to our desks to bid us a goodbye. I could not believe she was leaving. It has just been 2 months here in the office with everyone but seemed like home and a family member leaving the house. Even though we did not interact a lot with Ms. Seneca but she was always right there to help us and guide us when ever we needed her. The amount of knowledge and understanding she had about this field was immense. She was always an extremely happy-go-lucky kinds, sweet and positive. Will miss her too much.

Later days…

Work has been going great. Worked on a lot of different projects and brands and learnt that each of them have a different criteria and an atmosphere of its own in the terms of design. This month was a little more exciting as I was on a weeks break as was travelling to Singapore. It was a well needed break and a well spent vacation with my family. Was back to office soon. Got new projects to work on. Got a stall designing project for Sony Six to work with. In the beginning seemed it was not my cup of tea. But then was very much successful to meet the criteria and the design was shortlisted:D There was a lot of learning in this one as it was not just a simple design to deal with. As days had passed we started to interact even further with the people around. They started telling us how Advertising world works and internship is a crucial stage of life to experience this world before going ahead with it in the future. All of them were brilliant in what they were doing. All I could think was when will I reach that stage of my life. But I guess its patience , hard work and a lot of confidence which can lead you to where you want to. It’s almost been 2 months here and it seems time just flew. I am already going to miss this work life I guess 😦

Week 2

It’s been going excellent. We started interacting with the people around. The designs Rohit and I were working on, was shortlisted for BPCL. It being our very first brief here and it getting shortlisted by the clients to go on the vehicles was kind of exciting. However, it was not a work filled week as I had injured my right hand very badly and had got a muscle injury. It was difficult to use the laptop for a while, but my left hand made it possible to at least be there in office and work how much ever I could. The people are here are very helpful, and as time passed by we guys started bonding well. In our free time we guys use to come together on each others desks and watch like these hilarious youtube videos. It was fun. Amit, who is the art director here started sharing his work with us while was extremely inspiring. His illustrations were breathtaking, how I wish I could have those amazing hand skills after I saw his work. Ms. Seneca who is the senior head here is extremely sweet. She always used to come by and ask us hows stuff going and review our work well. In this week , we also worked on a HDFC offer poster. Rohit and I both were briefed on the same client. It was amazing how we both came up with completely two different approaches for the same brief! He had taken a complete minimalist route whereas mine was more of an outrageous sort of a thing. It was fun working on a new client! Soon the week came to an end. It was a Friday when we were just packing up by around 6 as we did not have much of work and Amit tells us there is a party taking place so ” hurry up and get excited”! It was a farewell party for the Creative Director here. Everyone around started gearing up and quickly the celebrations began! It was a little awkward for Rohit and me to be a part of it as we did not know everyone too well and neither the creative director (Vivek) who was leaving. There was posters all around the office for this exciting friday. And it began! The drinks and the food started being served and our awkwardness increased. But as time passed Amit and others around started making us feel very comfortable and handed us a few started and drinks. It was a good fun experience. Soon the party shifted to the terrace as it had stopped raining. It was a beautiful 360 degree terrace they owned. All of us were in the terrace interacting with various people around. Soon we met a few ex employes who spoke to us about our seniors as they knew them when they worked here. It was a proud moment to tell them that how one of them(Aditya) who worked here with them is opening his new firm ” isosceles”. It was a good conversation where we got to know how they worked here and various things. Soon it was time for us to leave as we had to attend an inaugaration of “isosceles” as I said early. It was a great time spent and a good beginning for the happy weekend which followed.:)IMG-20150720-WA0002 IMG-20150720-WA0000 IMG-20150720-WA0003

Journey of Design @ Havas Worldwide

My next stop on this beautiful journey of Design was Havas Worldwide. A company which has always been on my wish-list. Finally the time had arrived and I entered Havas on July 6th 2015. This being my third internship, I was pretty confident to begin this journey. Also a few of my college mates had interned here before, so I kind of had glimpse of this company in my mind. On the first day I settled in nicely with the desk allotted to me. Rohit Kanvinde, my “internship pal” I must say (laughing) is also interning here with me. The first thing in the morning we had a short introduction session in a meeting with everyone. It was one of their daily meetings of morning where they discuss what is supposed to be done for the day and by whom. It was a good welcome session for us to know a few of their clients and what was going on currently. In the first half we did not have much of work. However, after lunch we were given a brief of BPCL truck branding. Both of us were suppose to work on it individually and give them a few options for the vehicle design of BPCL. It started off well, with exploring the brand. it being our first shot at designing something which will go on a vehicle seemed exciting. The deadline was the next day, second half, therefore we did a few options that day and then had an early off by 6 30. It was a great start to this journey.:D

A month at TBWA.

It was 4th May, 2015 when I walked in the office of TBWA Worldwide for my internship. It was my very first day and I was all geared up, excited and a little nervous as well. TBWA is one of the biggest ad firm in the industry. I was looking forward for this internship as it was a big platform for me to experience design in the professional world. I had two of my college mates Rohit and Pragya interning here with me. Seemed like it is going to be fun. We walked in the office and were introduced with the people around us and given our respected desks. Office seemed huge with a lot of people around. First 2 days we didnt really have much of work. On the third day the National Head of Art briefed us with a project. We had to design a logo for a brand called “Carmichael Residences”. Never had I worked so much on a logo how much I worked on this one. Sketched almost 10 to 12 pages and finally shortlisted a few logos. It was a proud moment when my logo was shortlisted by the National Head ( Rishi) from all the other logos created by the interns there. He appreciated my concept and told me “its by far the best logo I have seen till now from the list”. That made my day. I had to work on it further to get it completely right though. Next few days I worked with other brands like Vichy, IDFC and Kouni. I interacted with the team of client servicing department as well and got to know how they work. The biggest learning was when I made a complete brochure for vichy (brand) I atleast got 30 changes in a span of nearly 2 hours. That was the time I learnt how clients demands keep changing in literally no time. One second they like this layout and probably in the next one minute they change it. So yes, it was a good experience to know how things as simple as a brochure take so much time to get finalised. But the next proud moment was when I finally saw it get printed in the studio and I had to sign it myself suggesting I have approved it from the creative team and its ready to be released. There was not much of a learning to design this brochure but just how the reality works with the clients and their feedback was a good experience. The next few days were not very good. I was not really getting any substantial work. I forgot to mention one thing at the top. On the second day of my internship my college mates and I were assigned different bosses. They were more like mentors though who we would have to report from now on. Honestly, I did not really have a good experience with him. I did not learn anything new from him. Thought would be a good way to gain some hands on skills from him and his experience but it was not even close to it. Everyday after 7 pm, the senior art directors used to play cricket in the office campus. The office area was pretty huge. People were very chilled out and the atmosphere was very informal. But this started becoming upsetting after a while. I was told by my mentor, that I have to keep reporting to him or keep taking his guidance on anything and everything I do. And when I was following this, all I had to do is wait for an hr or so till he finishes his game or his over in the cricket match. This seemed unprofessional to me. Playing should be a part of the routine when no work, but when you are having an intern under you who you have said keep reporting to me every now and then, how can you keep he/she waiting unnecessarily. Few days I had to wait for 2 hours just for them to finish playing cricket. That was like highly upsetting. The atmosphere kept dropping and seemed very unpleasing since then. Not only for that reason but also according to work. Wasnt getting much of an experience with work given. Finally I decided to discontinue after a month. The atmosphere was pretty demotivating as well after a certain point. However, I did learn a bit about how advertising works and I did make a few good friends who were very helpful at the same time. Left this firm on 4th June 2015 with some sour memories towards the end.

Foxymoron will be missed!

And its over:( Finally the day had come and it was time for me to leave this wonderful company with great memories. Did not expect this day to come so soon. 4 weeks have passed and it seems I just joined recently. This company has given me a great experience. Since the time I joined it till date I have learnt a lot of new things, understood various designing principles and also how to deal with the clients. Today being our last day I did not have too much work. This being my first internship I think it totally was a wonderful experience.  My TL Azaan and my team have helped me throughout and given me a great exposure to the world of advertising. At the end of this internship I have realised advertising is a little different from designing. There are various guidelines to be followed in this field and very little chance to explore our thoughts. But in all it was a different experience and taught me too many things. My photoshop skills have definitely improved which will help me ahead in my designing world. The rule this Company follows which is “Work like a foxy, party like a moron” is something which i completely agree with after this internship has ended. Everyone around is so much fun. They are these chilled out group of people who work and enjoy everything they do. This internship ended on a great note. We had a small cake cutting ceremony for all the interns who left today. We left with a short message about our experience in this company and clicked a lot of pictures for our memories. Had a great time here:)

Week 4

And I am back;) Work is going great. The best thing this internship is teaching me is to work with deadlines. No matter what time is it you have to get the job done on time for your clients. We also have to come up with something new for every week’s post which is brainstormed for quite sometime. After we come to a conclusion we start to put our thoughts down on paper and get the ideas appealing visually. I am having a great time here. (Though sometimes I do miss my college ) It’s been almost 20 days I have been here and it already seems so homely. Learning new concepts everyday and discussing the new product launches has become like a part of my life now. Everyday I get to work with various brands and all of them have something different to learn from. It’s an opportunity for me to grab all the possible knowledge and apply it to my everyday thoughts. The people around here always help me if I ever get stuck somewhere with my work. It’s a good learning process but sometimes can get quite boring if you keep working on the same thing all day long, like I did once for LO’ real brand.:/ Unfortunately the week ended on a sad note. I got myself injured falling from the stairs in the office cafeteria which made me to rest at home for another 4 days. But overall its been going great and I have learnt quite a lot till date so looking forward to the week ahead:)

Week 3

So during my first week, I nicely settled and was very well acquainted with my work. In the beginning it seemed a little difficult but then slowly got used to it. I learnt how the process of design and strategy work together and form a part of a successful business. People were pretty good but to be honest it took a while to get along with them. Facebook posts formed a part of the 80% of work I did there. Making flash banners and some emailers was my everyday work. Working wholly and solely with photoshop seemed like a challenge as I always used to work on illustrator before. But slowly it fell in place and I must say I am close to mastering photoshop..!! Yay!! The office environment was pretty chilled out. But there was something slightly different in the way this institute worked. Guessing the reason it being a more of a digital adv. agency they made us do stuff which was very simple and avoided complicated details even though they made sense. I noticed there are many things here which are interesting but are created within the aspects of it looking good rather than giving it meaning. Less of brainstorming was required as the advertisement posts were pretty generic. Being in Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai since the past 2 years, one thing I have learnt that creating design should be for a reason and using the sentence   “coz it looks good”! OMG! A complete NO! But as I mentioned its an advertising agency aΩd it has to work like this. So coming back to my work, I of-course enjoyed doing the tasks assigned to me as it taught me many different things. It was something I have never done before. One thing I must share that being a designer, dealing with your clients in a positive is the most important aspect of getting ahead in this field. People in the marketing department of the office often face these problems. There will be times when the clients will reject your work probably the 10th time in the day and this will kill the hell out of you. But again patience is the key. Work Hard, Work Smart. So yes, its been going great and hope to spend 2 more weeks with a little more excitement. 😉

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